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Shining River Secret

Wow, I Am Also Shining

One day an elephant went into the deepest of the jungle. It was dark in the night. There was absolute silence except for the sound of cicadas.

He saw a river flowing, water shining in the dark. It was a small stream of river flowing calmly, bright and shining in the night. For a moment, the elephant forgot himself and stood there still. Suddenly the river spoke to the elephant, “hey elephant, Why are you here? Why are you not drinking my water? What do you want? the river asked. “Oh, I am sorry dear, I want to know the secret of your shining. Can you please share that secret with me? I also want to shine like you!” said the elephant.

“Look up, you’ll find the secret,” said the river. The elephant looked up to the sky.  Did he found the secret? Yes, he found the secret that made the river shining.

It was a full moon day. The moon smiled at the elephant. “Oh, I got the answer, it is the moonlight reflection makes your water shining,” said the elephant to the river.

“There you are, you see the presence of somebody who is peaceful and wants you in good spirit can make you shine,” said the river. The elephant agreed and happily went back home learning a new lesson in life.

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