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Dancer Bird And The Lion

lion and the dancing bird
Dancing for me

“Please, don’t kill me. If you leave me alone, I will do anything for you sir,” the bird begged the lion for her life. The lion was about to kill the bird because he was too hungry. “Ok, I will let you go if you dance for me. If that’s not a good performance, I will kill you,” said the lion.

Fearful Dancer

The bird started dancing for her life, but she was not getting her steps right because she was too worried about the lion. If she is not performing well, that would be her end. When she finished her dancing, she fainted out of fear. After a few minutes of unconsciousness, when she opened her eyes, the lion was still there staring at the bird.

“I am glad you performed for me,” here I am letting you go. “You are an amazing dancer, and you deserve a reward also,” surprisingly, the lion enjoyed the bird dance despite of her wrong steps. Can we be friends?” asked the lion. The bird couldn’t believe that her wrong steps impressed the lion. Shortly, she regained her senses. Of course, why not? It’s great to have a friend like you,” said the bird as she flew away, never to return to the lion again in her life.

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