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Cat In The Fish Tank

Come With Me, I Will Show You The Outside World

The cat saw the new fish tank. It was a big tank, and a golden fish was roaming around in the fish tank.  “Hey fish, how long you will spend in the fish tank, do you want to see the outside world? The world outside is beautiful, and you will never return to this fish tank again if you come out. I will show you around, and we will have a great time,” said the cat.

“Oh, you are very kind of Mr.Cat. But I find this fish tank is great for me. I have everything here. Look at these pebbles and corals, aren’t they cute? I lack nothing here. I get food on time and have fun all day, which I will miss if I come out. I am too sorry for you because you can’t enjoy my beautiful underwater world. So I prefer to stay here, now you may please go and enjoy the outside world,” said the fish.

“The fish is too smart for me, let me not waste any time here. I have to leave now,” thought the cat as he walked out of the room.

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