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Working On A Territory Dispute

You can't stay here

Hey, elephant, How many times I have to tell you to don’t show up in our area? Please try to respect the territory which belongs to other animals? This territory belongs to us, tigers.

Please note that no elephant is allowed in a tiger’s territory. If we allow elephants to enter into a tiger’s domain, that is not good for both of us. Have you ever seen me in an elephant territory? Or have you ever seen a tiger roaming around with a lion? A tiger won’t allow any other animal in his territory except for their prey.

We tigers are predators, the sharp hunters. We need a distraction-free hunting experience, but the presence of an elephant is a big distraction for our hunting. So please go away from our place and find another place for you. What I am trying to avoid is an unnecessary fight with you, that is why I am telling you all this.

If my friends see you, things would be different. They may not be kind enough like I am with you. They will harshly treat you. Do you want to die by the hand of a tiger? Hey, here my friends are coming, so hurry, please get out of our territory!

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