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Lion And The Bear, A Friendly Visit

Wow, you have got a cute little baby

The lioness decided to pay a visit to her dearest friend Ms.lady bear. She heard that the lady bear gave birth to a cute little bear. The bear was sitting on the top of the tree guarding her son saw the lioness from a distance. The bear came down from the tree and invited the lioness to her home. It was a big surprise for the bear to see the lioness. The lioness also was very happy to see her old friend.

She saw the cute bear baby and liked him very much. “Ah, you have got a cute baby,” said the lioness. “My kids are now grown-ups. Otherwise, I would have brought them here,” said the lioness. The bear and the lioness spent the whole day telling old stories when they were young.  The lioness was treated with the fresh hunt the bear had that day prepared specially for her.

In the evening, the lioness said goodbye to the bear family and thanked for the hospitality the bear family extended towards her. She invited the bear family to her place and gave them a piece of great news about a tree near the lioness home having a big honeycomb hanging.  The bear family was excited and said that they will come to her place one day.

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