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Tiger And The Rabbit Story

tiger and the rabbit story
Please, Leave Me Alone

The bunny reached a beautiful place. “La, La, how nice everything around me, I feel like floating,” sang the bunny rabbit. But she was for a big surprise.

“Hey, bunny, just stop there.” The tiger on the top of the tree has just spotted her. Bunny was in shock. She knew that she was trapped. Any attempt to escape the tiger would finish her.

The bunny froze with fear, and couldn’t even move. The bunny knew any move to escape would provoke the tiger. The best thing the bunny can do now is begging for life. So she begged for her life.

“You are smart, not running away, acting humble, and begging for life. If you were running, it would have provoked me and killed you. You made the right decision.

It’s not because you begged for your life I am let you go. But I am not hungry now.. Now get lost,” shouted the tiger. The bunny ran as fast as possible before the tiger changed his mind.