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The World Is So Big, And I Am Too Small!

Hello Bird, Good To See You Here

Getting A New Friend

It was a fine spring morning, everything was so fresh and clean. The baby elephant was sitting on the grass and enjoying the wonderful nature around him. The grass had the morning dew dripping from it. “Hello, how are you?” a friendly voice greeted him from the back. When he turned back, he saw a brown bird. 

“I am doing fine, hey, bird, where are you coming? I have never seen you here,” said the elephant. The bird informed him that she comes from a faraway place, from a different continent and told him that she is a migratory bird. “We have good reasons to fly from thousands of miles away because there it is severe winter now. It’s tough for us birds to survive the severe winter, so we fly down to this place. The rest of our lives, we will spend here,” said the bird.

I Wish I Had Wings

“I extend you a warm welcome to our land. Oh, it must have been a wonderful journey flying thousands of miles, I always wanted to fly like you birds, but I know I can’t fly because I don’t have wings like you,” said the elephant. “You are so cute. I am seeing an elephant for the first time in my life. It’s interesting to talk to you. Now I have to find some food because I am hungry after flying non-stop,” the bird flew to the nearby paddy field.

The baby elephant watched the bird from a distance. He was happy to meet the migratory bird. This world is so big and wonderful. I have to learn a lot, thought the baby elephant.

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