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Cat And The Bird A Story Of An Unusual Friendship

Who is there?

What do you think when a cat sees a bird? No cat will ever spare a bird, especially when it gets so close. But this is a different cat and the bird story, a story of love and kindness in the most unexpected way. Hope you will enjoy the story, feel free to add your comments below.

The cat who was sleeping under the tree suddenly woke up, something has fallen upon him. The cat saw it was a bird who fell from the tree. The bird fell from the tree, trying to crack a nut. But instead of harming the bird, he made sure that the bird is ok. “Hey bird, you don’t worry. I know how painful it is to fall from a tree, but luckily you fell upon me, so you have got a new lease of life. How do you feel now?” said the cat.

“I am sorry to bother you, but I couldn’t help myself from falling upon you, please don’t harm me,” the bird begged to the cat. The cat took great care of the bird the whole time until she was able to fly again. It took the bird a few days to fly again. Until that time, the cat made sure that nobody hurts the bird. He even had to fight other cats out, who have come to eat the bird.

After a few days, the bird recovered fully, she was able to fly again. She thanked the cat for the generosity and kindness the cat shown for her and can’t forget the cat in her life.

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