How The Proud Rooster Became Humble

Rooster thought he was something because he is waking up the world. But soon he realized that he was wrong.

Every day the country rooster wakes up early in the morning to crow and let the world know about the beginning of a new day. His punctuality made him very popular in the neighborhood. The rooster somehow believed that the whole world is coming to life only because of his superpower. This thought made him very arrogant. One day, the rooster decided to stop crowing, to let the world know about his importance.

The next day morning, the rooster was expecting something bad, since he has not crowed yet. He waited for the moment of truth. He waited and waited, but for his utter disappointment, morning came as usual, with a bright sun smiling at the rooster. People didn’t even notice that the rooster has not crowed. The arrogant rooster realized that all his expectations about his superpowers were terribly wrong. Everything was as usual as it should be.

He learned a great lesson that day. Do your job with a humble heart thinking that you are just a part of the big world.

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