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parrot and the elephant
How Was Yesterday's Rain?

Good morning Mr.Elephant, how are you? You seem to be very busy, where are you going? The parrot asked the elephant. “I’m fine, just wanted to make sure that others are fine too after yesterday’s heavy rain,” the elephant replied. “Yes, the rain yesterday was pouring down like anything. We had a hard time to keep our nest from falling down. The wind was so strong and whistling, we thought this tree would come down. Anyway, that didn’t happen, thank God,” the bird heaved a sigh of relief.

The elephant walked away. A few hours later, he came back and said to the parrot that a lot of small animals died from the flood caused by the torrential rains. Still, there are some animals trapped, crying for help. We have to do something to save them, he said.

Both the elephant and the bird went ahead and asked the help of other animals for the rescue operation. They worked together with good planning and rescued many animals affected by the flood.  When calamities strike, stay together teamwork really helps.

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