I Am A Green Car Of The Future

Green car cartoon
You are looking fresh

The cute and bright green car runs silently on the road. One day, after a long drive, his owner left him on the parking ground. There was also a red car parked besides him. After a friendly gesture, both the cars started talking.

“Wow, you are looking surprisingly fresh, even after a long journey, how do you maintain your youth?” the red car exclaimed.

“I run on a different technology than yours. I run on an electric motor, which makes all the difference. It helps me to stay clean, no pollution, and nature friendly. I make less noise while running” the green car said.

“Oh, that’s why you are so fresh, but I depend on fuel for power, and it generates lot of heat and sound inside me. But with my silencer, I could manage that, but still I am tired after running a few hundred miles.” The red car envied at the green car. 

The owner of the green car came and started the car and sped away. The red car thought himself. One day, I also will become a green car.

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