Ready,Set,Go! Practice What You Learned


deers spotted by the lion cartoon


A group of deers were attending a class on how to escape from their predators. Their instructor was another deer who was an expert in giving classes and motivation. “Be alert always, keep your legs ready, God gave us strong and fast four legs. If you hear an unfamiliar noise or feel something is wrong, don’t wait, but just start running,” the instructor gave the attendees a few tips on how to escape from wild animals by acting fast.

“Unfortunately, we are spotted by a cruel lion who is just standing behind us. He may attack us anytime, staring at us with a bad intention to eat us. We need to act fast, don’t look back, just start running, it’s time to practice whatever we have learned,” saying that the instructor started running and other deers followed. The Lion also started running after them. Will they escape?

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