Barking Dog And The Elephant Story

Elephant and the dog cartoon
Leave me alone, I plead you!

Bow, Bow, the dog barked at the elephant, the elephant got frightened. It started running. This happened every time, whenever the dog sees the elephant, he barks at him, and the elephant runs away.

One day, his friend elephant saw how the dog is harassing the elephant. “You are an elephant, big and stronger than that silly dog. Why should you fear him? Next time, stay wherever you are, no matter who barks at you. Turn around and stare at that dog. I want to see how far that silly dog goes.” he said.

the elephant turned around and stared at the dog. This time dog got frightened

So the next day, both the elephants were walking. His friend was following him from a distance, so that dog can’t see him. As usual, when the elephant reached the dog’s place, the dog started barking. The elephant stopped right there, which was totally unexpected for the barking dog. He stopped barking, the elephant turned around and stared at the dog. This time dog got frightened, and he just ran away from the elephant. From that day onwards, the silly dog never barked at the elephant again.



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