Bird and the airplane
Can you spot those propellers?

Fly By Design, A Bird Talk

“How you can fly that high, even without a single flapping of your wings?” the curious little bird asked the big airplane flying above. “Can you spot those noisy propellers down my wings? That’s my secret. These hardworking propellers are helping me to stay on the air without flapping my wings. Actually, I can’t flap my wings, that’s the way I am built.

I can’t fly myself, several people are working inside me to float me on the air.

Let Me Explain You

“But I love the way you birds are flying without noisy propellers. You can fly all by yourself, go anywhere you’d love to go. You should be thankful to God for such an elegant design. I am designed imitating how you birds fly, and I am not as perfect as the way you are flying, you are accident-proof, and you can fly yourself.

I can’t fly myself, several people are working inside me to float me on the air. There are two pilots always there controlling my every movement. Sometimes I get into Autopilot mode, where I can make some decisions. But most of the time my pilots are flying me. If they make a single mistake, I am done. So you are better than me, engineered by God himself. Let me go now I have to land in the nearby airport, see you soon!” saying that Airplane vanished, the bird flew down to a tree branch thanking God for creating him.

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