A Ship Story, As Told By A Ship To A Fish

cruise ship and the fish
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“Hi friend are you in a hurry?” the fish asked the speeding ship. “Yes, I am in a hurry, because I got delayed with bad weather, and my next port is far away. It’s many days I left my home port taking the passengers for a cruise around the world,” the ship said.

My propellers rotate fast enough to push me through the waves.

“That must be an awesome experience. How are you able to move at such a high speed, with your fat belly?” the fish exclaimed. “Ah, you see, it’s not me alone, several people are working inside me. Engineers, navigators, and sailors work hard for me. I have a pair of propellers which are very strong. My propellers rotate fast enough to push me through the waves, even during a turbulent sea. Don’t fall into my propeller, if you fall, you will be instantly crushed to death, I can’t save you,” the ship warned the fish.

“Ok, I’ll take care of myself. Since you are too busy, go your way, see you next time,” the fish said. “Ok friend, it’s nice talking to you, meet you again,” and the ship said goodbye to the fish while speeding away with her passengers.

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