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Elephant Story, Flood Blessings

Flood waters rising, help me!

Heavy rains caused the forest river flooding. The water level began to increase immersing the land in the water. All animals are trying to escape. The tough elephant found himself trapped by the rising floodwater. He has to escape or face the consequences like drowning in the water. I don’t know how to swim, but anyway I will try it and he started to swim in the river. Most of his body is under the water, with only the trunk above the water to breathe. Wow, he was able to swim like a professional swimmer. The floodwater was still rising.

A New Life

The swimming elephant reached a new place, where he met a beautiful female elephant. Both the elephants fell in love and started a family. They became a big family with several kids.  It’s so many years passed, but still, he remembers that flood, which gave him a new life. One day he took his family for a picnic to that old place he was living before that life-changing flood.  He told them a lot about his life there, and his family thoroughly enjoyed the picnic.

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