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The Lost Child

Wow, It's So Much Fun!

The baby elephant walked along with her mother, jumping around, smiling all the way. Both the mother and the child were going for a picnic. She saw everything the first time in her life, and she loved every bit of the beautiful spring. Hey what’s there, it’s a blue butterfly. Wow, it’s so beautiful, but the butterfly flew away. Where is my blue butterfly gone? She wanted to find out, so she was searching for the butterfly.

Without knowing that her baby is missing, the mother elephant walked away. The baby elephant searched for the blue butterfly everywhere, but couldn’t find it. “Hey, where is my mother?” she was shocked to realize that her mother is not near her. “Hey, my mother is missing, somebody please help me? she screamed. Hearing the baby elephant’s cry, a bird appeared from nowhere. “Hey, what’s the problem? Why are you screaming?” she asked. “I lost my mother,” the baby elephant said.

“You lost your mother? Why what happened, please let me know the full story,” the bird said. The baby elephant told her everything that happened and how she foolishly followed the butterfly and lost track of her mother. The bird moved by elephant story promised to help her to trace her mother. The bird flew around and saw an elephant frantically searching for something. “Hey, what are you searching for?” the bird asked.

“I lost my baby,” the mother elephant said. “Don’t worry, I found a baby elephant who lost her mother, and I guess it is probably you, she must be searching for and you are searching for her also. Come with me, I will show you,” said the bird. The mother elephant followed the bird. Soon they found the baby elephant weeping and telling other animals about her story. Other animals stood there with sad expressions on their faces. “Hey here comes your mother,” said the Giraffe. “Yes, it’s my mother,” the baby was happy and ran towards her mother. It was a happy moment. All the animals rejoiced about the happy reunion of the mother and the baby elephant.

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