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Lonely Pelican And The Frog

You Are Not Lonely Anymore!

Standing on the lakeside, the pelican bird was sad. He was watching the fishes swimming but was not hungry to pick one. “How happy these fishes are, but I am feeling so lonely,” he thought. A frog saw the pelican bird and asked him why he is so sad. “Bro, I feel so lonely, you see, I have no friends,” he said. “Don’t worry, let me see how can I help you out. Come with me,” said the frog.

The frog took the bird to the other part of the lake. The pelican had not visited that part of the lake. The other part of the lake was very new to him. “Hey, look at that who is there!” the bird couldn’t suppress his surprise. A lovely female pelican was quietly fishing on the lakeside. When the pelican saw her, he was very impressed. The female bird was also happy to see him.  It took no time for them to befriend. Both the birds danced together, to express their happiness, and the frog sang them his favorite song, “Chrome, Chrome, and Chrome”. They all had a nice time together.

“Hey, where is our friend, Mr. Frog,” sometime after when the pelicans searched for their friend, the dear frog they couldn’t find him. They wanted to thank him for the great help he did for them. Both the birds searched for the frog, but they couldn’t find him. Because the frog already had left the place without telling them, now the pelicans are happy together and the frog has to help somebody else!

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