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Let Me Go And Tell My Friends About It!

Um, That Was Delicious

The baby lion had a great lunch with his family. The meat was delicious. For him, this kind of feast is rare now-a-days, so he was thankful for the great meal he had just finished. But those hyenas are such a messy ones. The moment they smell that the lions have something special, these hyenas appear from nowhere. Anyway, before they came, the lions had the lion’s share. Jungle life is like that.

For lions, hunting is an art. But to be successful, they have to plan very well in advance. Approaching a herd of buffalos and getting them distracted is not an easy job, especially when they are in a group. Sometimes, these buffalos becomes very angry and overthrow the lions with their strong horns. Aftercall, life is precious for everybody!

Now it’s time to play. The baby lion is going to meet his friends and boast them about the delicious lunch he had.