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The Egg Stealer Bear

Don't Lay Your Hands On My Precious Eggs!

“Ah, nobody around, it’s time for my egg hunting adventure,” thought the young bear. He spotted a big tree that had a hole in it. So without making a sound, he slowly walked to the tree. His guess was right, there were some bird eggs inside the hole of the tree. He was very happy about his findings. The moment he put his hands on the eggs, he heard the mother bird yelling at him.

“Stop there, you scoundrel, egg stealer! If you move a step forward, I’ll attack you! How dare you are to lay hands on my precious eggs? They are not just eggs, but they are my children, my life. Inside those shells, my children are waiting to come out!

You can’t steal my eggs away from me. If you do, I will come to your place and attack you and your children. Now get lost,” the furious bird said. The bear was horrified by the bird and ran away, leaving the eggs.

All animals, small or big, protect their children and will go to any extent to safeguard them from their predators.

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