Little Dog From The Pet Clinic

dog in the pet clinic
Waiting For Tom

You might be wondering how I landed in this pet clinic. It all happened last week when I met with an accident.  I should not have run after that ball.

It was a fine Saturday morning, I was playing football with my friend Tom. He kicked the ball, which sent it across the street. I started running after the ball to the street.

I’ll never run after a ball again in my life!

I couldn’t see the speeding car, which hit me, and left me with a broken leg. It was painful, I cried loudly. Immediately, Tom boy rushed me to this clinic where I had a surgery on my broken leg. The doctors in this pet clinic are very nice they treated me very kindly.

Today I’m getting discharged from the pet clinic, it’s time to go home. I am happy today, waiting for my friend. Ah, here he comes! Good bye all!


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