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I Love My Music

I love my music

I love music, it’s my life, more than my life. I am busy, going from one stage to another, doing wild concerts. Animals love my wild music, I perform before a thickly packed audience. My band, it’s rocking. I have got a lot of fans around the jungle. When I perform, I forget everything, it’s another world for me!

It’s Song Of Love I Sing!

When not in concert, I’ll be practicing on my violin.  One day at home, while I was practicing on my violin, a fox came on my way. He got mesmerized by my music and stood there quite, listening to my music. Only when my practice was over,I saw the fox. I was frightened, thought that he will attack me. But the fox has already become my fan, said how he loved my music. He said, my music is heavenly. That’s the best compliment I have ever received in my life.