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Bob The Cat And The Rat Mother

Oh, it's snake

Bobcat thinks high about himself. He is seen everywhere looking for ways to create problems for others. He believed he is too smart that nobody can outsmart him, until this incident happened. One day, on his way to fishing, he found a small rat. 

Bobcat was so happy to get the rat, but he was not hungry to eat it. He decided to play with it. Holding the rat in his mouth, he started walking to the lake. The poor rat couldn’t do anything, but cry loudly for his mother to come and help him. The rat mother saw what the cruel cat was doing to her son. She wanted to free her son from the cat’s mouth. So she jumped before the cat and pleaded with him to leave her son free. “Please take me and leave my son,” she said to Bob.

The rat mother had no choice other than playing a nasty trick on the silly cat.

But Bob was not listening to the rat mother’s plea, walked towards the lake still holding the poor thing in his mouth. “I have to do something immediately to save my poor child from the cat,” the rat mother thought. So she decided to play a smart game on the cat. She imitated the sound of a snake. The cat feared snakes. The “hs hs” sound by the rat made the cat fearful. He left the baby rat there itself and ran away. The mother got her child back. It was the first time the smart cat got outsmarted by a rat.

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