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Smarty Fox Reporter Became A News Himself

skiing fox cartoon
Busy, chasing a hot news

It was a cold winter afternoon, the smarty fox reporter was busy all day. He needs something to report every day for his newspaper. Accidents, avalanche, animal Fights, etc. were some of his favorite subjects he used to cove in his newspaper.

He loved his job too much so that he found himself always looking for new and developing stories. While not in his newspaper office, the smarty fox could be spotted skiing around to find something worth reporting for his newspaper. He thought himself an expert skier and a great journalist.

funny fox sittingOne day, our smarty was skiing at top speed to report a piece of terrifying news that two young bears are fighting. He had to reach the fighting spot, before the fight stops and nobody else to cover the news hot.

“Ooops, what is happening,” the fox couldn’t understand what the hell is going on with his skiboard. He lost his balance, and his skiboard overturned. When he regained his conscious, he found himself in a hospital bed. Funny thing is that still, he was happy because he got a piece of hot news for tomorrow. “Smarty Fox Met With An Accident, But Escaped Miraculously” is the headline.