Smarty Fox Reporter Became A News Himself


skiing fox cartoon
Busy, chasing a hot news

Winter is a time for the smarty Fox reporter that keeps him busy all day. There is something to report every day. Accidents avalanche animal Fights etc. were some of his favorite subjects he used to cover a lot. He loved his job too much and found himself always on the move looking for new developing stories. He had to travel a lot around his community looking for news. While not in his office he can be found skiing around to find something worth reporting in his newspaper. He thought himself an expert skier.

One day the fox was skiing at top speed. He got a piece of terrifying news that two young bears are fighting. He had to reach there before the fight stops and anybody else to cover the news hot. All of a sudden something happened to his ski and he fell down. He got badly injured. Funny thing is that still, he was happy because he got a piece of hot news. He himself was going to be the hot news the next day.

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