Who Stole My Eggs? The Worry Of A Mother Bird

hen and rooster
Somebody Is After Our Eggs.

All eggs are disappearing in no time, the poor hen had no clue who is stealing all her eggs. Moments after laying her eggs, they are disappeared. She was too worried about it and so she shared her anxiety with the rooster. “Don’t worry, we will find out who is taking your eggs,” the rooster consoled her.

Next day as usual, the hen laid her eggs. After laying her eggs, she went to drink some water. Meantime, hidden behind a bush, the rooster was watching the eggs from a distance to see who is stealing the eggs. Some few minutes later, a yellow snake appeared and slowly began to move towards the eggs.

The snake had already made sure that nobody was watching him. But the rooster was watching him. He suddenly jumped up on the snake. It was an unexpected attack, and the yellow snake couldn’t resist the rooster. After a long flight, the rooster killed the snake.

The hen was very happy, and she thanked the rooster for his help. Now it is a matter of waiting for a few days before her babies coming out of the eggs.

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