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Flying The Little Bird

Look, What I Got For You?

A Mother bird and her son were living in a tree on the top of a high mountain. Every day the mother bird goes to find food for her family. She was proud of her son.

“It’s time to teach my son the art of flying,” mother bird said to herself. One day, she asked him to come out of the nest to learn how to fly. He was fearful. But the mother bird gave him the courage and assured him that she will be there to support the kid. The kid came out of the nest but began to fall from the tree losing the balance.

He cried loud while trying to keep himself afloat by flapping his small wings as fast as he can. But it didn’t help him, he continued to fall down. The mother bird was flying below the falling kid, took him by her large wings.  Now the kid got confidence in flying, because his mother is there to save him. Within the next few days, he mastered the art of flying.

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