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Surf Along With Me

Come along, let's surf!

It’s a sunny afternoon, I am here to surf the waves. The sea is always fascinating me, the waves waiting to carry me on their lap. Today It seems, the waves are calm, a good time to learn surf! It is going to be fun, sliding above the waves enjoying the bright sun, the waves take me up and put me down. I have to finish my surfing before the waves get big. Big waves are not for me, but only for the experts. Huge waves are not for the inexperienced surfers.

Hey barky, watch me over while I perform!

I have my dog barky with me, who’ll watch me in action. If anything goes wrong, I know that he will get me help. When I was a child, he helped me to save my life from a snake bite.

Riding the waves is fun, but dangerous too! Because I love my life more than the surf fun, I’ll finish surfing before it is evening when the waves get bigger. My surfboard is made with tough material to withstand big waves, specially crafted for a perfect balance, all the way. Do you love to surf the waves? Are you coming?

Sea turtles are fun. Want to hear the story of a sea turtle?

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