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Missing Elephant Child

baby lion and mother elephant
Why are you after me?

One fine morning the baby lion was walking in the forest. He was alone. He heard footsteps behind him. When he looked back, he saw an elephant. At first, he pretended that he didn’t see her. But wherever he was going, she was following him. Finally, the baby lion stopped and asked the elephant why she is following him. She didn’t reply. Stood there like a statue. When the baby lion started walking again, she is behind him, closely following him. It became very annoying for the baby lion. He asked her to leave him alone.

The mother elephant told him her sad story about her lost child a few days ago. She doesn’t know where her child is gone missing. He was of the same age as of the baby lion. When she saw the baby lion, she thinks about her own child, and that is why she is following him. Touched by her sad story, he promised her that he will do whatever he can to find the missing elephant.

The baby lion searched for the missing child everywhere. He went to North, South, East, and West, but there was no sign of the missing child. He asked the mother elephant about her child’s favorite food. She said he liked sugarcane very much. Ah, he is a sugarcane lover. As a final option, he said he will look at a place where there was plenty of sugarcane. As soon as he reached the place, he heard a feeble weep. The baby lion saw the missing child crying for her mother. He took the child to her mother. The mother elephant was very happy to receive her child back and thanked the baby lion for his great help.

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