Girl And The Cat

girl and the cat

Happy to see you again!

Once upon a time, a cute cat was living with a little girl. They were good friends, always playing together, watching TV. When she goes to school he will patiently wait for her to come back from school. After she comes back he plays with the girl. One day, after the coming back from the school, she couldn’t find the cat. She searched for him everywhere, but he was not anywhere to be seen, he was missing.

The little girl started weeping. Her mother asked the girl what happened to her? She said the cat is missing. Oh, don’t worry, he will be somewhere here, we will find him out, she assured her daughter. They searched for him everywhere, but there was no trace of the missing cat. Days, months and years have passed. The girl has almost forgotten the cat.

It was a fine spring morning, life was in full swing with flowers and birds were everywhere. The girl was in the garden plucking some fresh flowers. She heard a feeble voice from behind her. When looked back she saw an old cat. It was the same cat that went missing a few years ago.

In fact, the poor cat was kidnapped by some cat thieves. The cat thieves took sold him to a rich family for a hefty amount. At first he was well looked after the family. Now he is old and the rich family lost interest in the cat, abandoned him mercilessly. The loyal cat has never forgotten the girl and her home. So he came back. It was a happy reunion for both the girl and the cat. Tears were flowing from their eyes. The cat was with the girl for the rest of his life. True friendship outlives anything!

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