I Can Now Do It!

The funny bunny is all set to become a star in the rope trick. She is practicing all night for tomorrows big performance before a tight audience. Will she make it?

Hello friends, I am a circus bunny, and you are seeing me doing a rope trick. You must have seen monkeys doing it, hanging from the big trees, but not a bunny, right?  It all began when Chingo monkey, my best friend teaching me the trick. After days of practicing, falling, again practicing, I think I have become an expert.

It’s a starry night today, I am alone here, doing my practice session. Tomorrow, after my real public performance before a tight audience, I hope, I’ll too become a star!

In my circus, there are many animals. Elephants cycling, Parrots singing, Dogs, Lion, Tigers all have their performance chartered. We are friends here, nobody attacks each other. It’s teamwork we are doing here.

I’m sure, you’ll like my performance. Will you come to my show tomorrow? In your opinion, can a bunny do the rope trick?

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