Bunny Race Car

bunny driving car

The cute bunny loved the blue toy car ever since he was a baby. Whenever that boy had a ride on it, he just admired the car. But he was not brave enough to sit on it. One day, the boy was away for a picnic with his family. Nobody was at home and the blue car was there.

“This is a great opportunity to try out my driving skills, let me enter the house through that narrow window,” the bunny with great difficulty entered the room where the car was lying. “Wow, I am very near to my dream car,” he couldn’t hide his excitement.

The rabbit jumped into the car, sat behind the steering wheel. Suddenly the car started running. He was very happy that he could ride a car of his own, screamed in excitement. The car took him for a ride throughout the house and to the back yard. All the time he was holding tight on the steering wheel.

“Hey, Look at my cute blue race car. It runs fast, so fast that it can overtake a plane,” he screamed to his friends. His other rabbit friends were in awe seeing the bunny riding the cute blue car. He became a hero among his rabbit friends.

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