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It's Raining Bananas Here!

Throw me more, Monkeys!

The elephant has a special love for the taste of ripe bananas. But he rarely gets a chance to eat it. One day, he was walking hungry in the forest. He had nothing to eat. He got tired and stood under a big tree. He then started to rub the tree out of frustration. Immediately, something started to fall upon him from the top of the tree. He couldn’t believe his eyes. It was bananas, a lot of them falling from the sky. He thought it was a magic tree, rubbing on it made the bananas raining.  But when he looked up, he started laughing. He saw a group of monkeys, throwing bananas at him, to make him leave their place.

Monkeys have mistaken the elephant as their enemy, who is trying to uproot their home, the banyan tree. They had nothing in their hand to throw at him, except bananas stolen from the nearby banana plantation. The elephant had a great lunch of tasty bananas that day. He went home happy, to come back another day, to try his luck rubbing the banyan tree again.

Elephants also love jackfruits. Here is another story of an elephant and the jackfruit.

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