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Baby Elephant And The Jackfruit

This jackfruit must be tasty!

The baby elephant Jingo suddenly woke up from his sleep. He was sleeping under a big Jackfruit tree. What woke him up was a jackfruit, that fell upon his back from the high tree. It was painful a bit, but when Jingo saw it was a Jackfruit, he was very happy. He loved the Jackfruit very much and thought it was a gift sent by God. Now a question started bothering him. What to do with this sweet jackfruit? Just start eating the tasty fruit or share it among his family?

His first thought was to eat the tasty fruit all by himself, without sharing it with others. But a second thought flashed in his mind asked him to share it with his family and friends because that is what God likes. So he took the big Jackfruit with his long trunk to his home.

Look, Who Is Coming?

At home, the elephant family was busy getting ready for a dance party that evening. Seeing the baby elephant carrying the jackfruit in its trunk made them happy. Because all of them loved that fruit very much. They ate the jackfruit which tasted great and sang a beautiful song praising the small Elephant for his sharing.

Sharing something with others gives us immense joy, don’t hold back anything good for yourself but share it generously with others.

Some facts about elephants: They sleep standing. They have a long trunk which can carry heavy things like wood log easily.

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Elephants are strong. I love them.

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