Smart Giraffe Story


giraffe eating leaves

Um Delicious!

The nice spring afternoon made everything looked so fresh and beautiful. The long-necked giraffe was eating the fresh leaves from a big tree. Standing on the top of a hill, he could see everything under the hill.

Spotting The Hunters

After a heavy lunch, the Giraffe felt sleepy.  A few hours later, he was awakened by a loud noise, something like that of a gunshot. The Giraffe couldn’t believe his eyes. He saw hunters in their jeep fast approaching the forest. He had no time waste to inform other animals about the hunters. But it was too late, he had to do something immediately to prevent the hunters from entering the forest and killing the animals.

The Encounter

He waited for the jeep hidden in a bush. As soon as the jeep approached him, the giraffe jumped to the front of the jeep. The driver lost control over the vehicle, and hunters with their jeep fell down from the hilltop. All the hunters were killed in the accident.

Animals were happy because they survived another hunting attempt and thanked Giraffe for his super performance.

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