cat and the boy picnic
Don't worry, just follow me!

The Lost Path And The Smart Cat

It was a fine spring morning. the boy went for a picnic with his dear cat. They walked to a mountainside where they spent the whole day, playing together hide and seek. In the evening they packed up and was coming home. On their return, they lost the path. It was dark and boy was helpless. He had no torch with him. He started crying.

Just Follow Me

Old Elephant Mug
Old Elephant Mug
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“Why are you crying like a silly boy, you are a brave boy don’t cry like a coward. Just look at me, I am confident that we can reach home safely, just follow me,” the cat said. Together they walked and walked, the cat knew the direction of their home. The night sky appeared with full of stars. The cats can see through the night, so darkness too was not a problem for them. After a while they reached their home safe and sound. The boy’s family worried about him not returning home. They became happy seeing the boy and the cat.

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