elephant and the frightened cat
Let's play, are you ready?

It's Time To Play Football

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Mission Bingo The cat needs help, and Andrea promised him that she will help to solve his problem.

The bored elephant saw a sleepy cat on his way. He didn’t like the lazy cat sleeping all the time. So he wanted to play a trick on him. “Hey lazy cat, why don’t we play football,” the elephant asked. “Sure, we can, actually I love playing football, but where is the ball?” the yawning cat asked the elephant.

Let’s Football, Time To Play!

“Oh, that’s not a problem. I found a football, and it’s you. Just roll like a ball, and I will kick you off,” said the elephant. The cat who got frightened, stared at the elephant in disbelief for a few seconds, sensing something wrong with the elephant, he just ran away to hide himself from the elephant.

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