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The Day I Missed My Pet Cat

Where were you gone missing

It was a hectic day for me. My family has recently moved from a bustling city to this wonderful, calm, and quite a village. Each and everything was strange to me. You know how difficult it is to move from one place to another, leaving all your friendship and the nostalgia behind.

For me, it was heartbreaking, but there was no other option other than stand with my family’s decision. The incident happened the very first day in our new home. My pet cat Missy has gone missing. I searched for her everywhere. But she was not there. I am sure that she will come back, but something was bothering me deep in the heart. What worried me most was that if somebody took her.

I wandered here and there, calling her name loudly. But there was no response. By evening, I got tired, lost all hope on my pet cat. Due to tiredness, I started sleeping. I woke up hearing a familiar sound. To my surprise, it was my missing pet cat.

I couldn’t suppress my happiness in seeing my missing cat. “Where on the earth you have gone missing all this time? I was looking for you everywhere, and was deeply worried that something bad must have happened with you,” I said. She looked outside the window, a country cat was standing outside staring us. “Oh, you have got a new friend here, Ok, Ok, he also can stay with us,” I said. Missy was happy rubbing my legs to show her appreciation.

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