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Missing Missy, A Short Cat Story


cat on the rooftop

It all started with a silly fight between Missy the cat and the little girl that morning. The girl and the cat were best friends. But after the fight, things have changed. On the top of that Missy is missing. The girl searched for her best friend everywhere. But there were no signs of Missy. The girl became upset. Her family prepared a missing cat poster with the cat’s picture on it.

After a few days of missing the cat, one evening the little girl was sitting in her study room thinking about the cat. She heard a familiar sound from the rooftop of her home. It was none other than her lost friend Missy. The little girl was very happy to Missy again. She asked the cat to come down. They became friends again. I will not fight with anybody for silly reasons, the girl vowed that day.

What to do if your cat goes missing? Just wait for it, it will come back soon!.

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