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Missing Missy, A Short Cat Story

Missy stands on the roof top

“Missy, Missy, where are you? Please come back, look at what I have prepared for you?” the little girl was upset over her best friend, Missy the cute little cat went missing. The little girl searched for him everywhere, but couldn’t find him.

Why is the girl so much worried? Well, that morning, the little girl quarreled with the cat because he broke the fish tank. The girl got angry and scolded him for his misbehavior. The cat couldn’t take it, and that broke his heart. Now, the whole family is searching from him, but they couldn’t trace him out.  The girl was very much worried about the missing cat. Her family prepared a missing cat poster with the cat’s picture on it.

A Familiar Voice

A few days have passed after missing the cat. One evening, the little girl was sitting in her study room thinking about the cat. “I should not have quarreled with him. It must have broken his heart,” she thought.

“Meow, Meow, she heard a familiar voice from the rooftop. She went out and looked up. There he was, her lost friend Missy. The little girl was very happy to see her dear friend Missy again. She asked the cat to come down and said sorry about that day’s incident. They became friends again. I will not fight with anybody for silly reasons, the girl vowed that day.

Story Discussion

Joicy: And the girl never scolded the cat again.

Molly: Missing my cat too. It never returned.

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