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How A Dog Saved A Baby Boy From The Snake

Robo the brave dog is smart and clever. He has been involved in lot of rescue operations. Robo loved the beautiful world around him. On a fine beautiful day he was lazily watching his master’s baby boy playing.

The dog got alert when he saw a poisonous snake moving towards the baby. Baby’s life is in danger, Robo has to do something quickly. But being inside the cage, he was in a helpless situation. He started barking with all his force. Hearing the dog barking, his master, the boy’s Dad came out of home. He saw the snake moving towards the boy to bite him. Without wasting any time, he killed the snake and saved the baby from getting bitten. Boy’s dad was very happy at Robo’s timely action. His bark saved his child’s life. From that day on wards he got special consideration from the family.

Even if we can’t do anything about a dangerous situation, just make others aware. Perhaps our timely action can save somebody’s life.

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A dog and a snake


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