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The Fox Doctor Is Busy

Stay still, let me examine you!

The fox doctor was busy examining his patients. A crocodile came to the fox doctor complaining of pain in its stomach. The fox doctor examined the croc and found that the croc had digestion problems.

“Hey, Mr. Croc, please tell me what you ate last time?” asked the fox doctor.

“I ate a buffalo. It was a big one. I had to struggle to eat it,” said the croc.

“Oh, that’s the problem. It will take some time to digest the buffalo. Please rest for a few days, and you’ll be alright,” said the doctor.

“But doctor, I need pills. Why are you not prescribing me any pills?” asked the concerned croc.

“Ok, chew these leaves,” the fox doctor gave the croc some leaves.

“Wow, your medicine is very effective. Now I feel comfortable,” said the croc.

The fox doctor laughed inside and said to himself. “Some patients are like that. They need pills even though no medicines are required.

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