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Bunny And The Monkey

Can you help me please?

The bunny was quite upset that day, her two kids were missing. She searched for them everywhere, but there was no trace of the kids. She was most worried about the cunning fox if he sees them he would not spare her kids. So she was running here and there searching for her kids.

“Hey bunny, what are you looking for? Have you lost something?” a voice from above asked her. It was a monkey hanging from the tree. “Yes dear, my two kids are missing from this morning, I am worried about them falling in some danger,” the bunny said. “Don’t worry rabbit mother, let me have a look,” said the monkey as he started jumping from one tree to another. He scanned for the rabbit kids in the area from the top of the trees.

Suddenly, the monkey spotted the two rabbit kids standing still, frozen with fear before the cunning fox. The cunning fox was getting ready to eat them, immediately the monkey came down, and snatched the kids from the fox, and climbed back to the tree. Everything was so fast, the fox didn’t get a clue what had happened, the monkey acted so fast.

The bunny was so happy to get back their kids. She thanked the monkey very much for his kind help.

Story Discussion

Matthew : Monkey is fast to snatch anything

Johan: Monkey patrol

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