How Ms. Funny Bunny Won The Beauty Pageant


funny bunny in beauty pageant

Ms. Funny bunny is a beautiful rabbit. She decided to participate in a forthcoming Forest beauty pageant. The reason? There was an irresistible first prize of a basket full of fresh carrots. She wanted to grab the first prize. She got trained herself for the big event. She learned how to do that catwalk beautiful girls are doing on the ramp and other activities for the beauty pageant. Her mother, Mrs. Big bunny gave her some valuable advice.

Finally, the big day came. When she reached the pageant venue there were many beautiful lady bunnies from various parts of the forest. Poor girl thought she will not get the first prize. Other bunnies looked fantastic,  organized and sophisticated.

As each round passed Ms. Funny Bunny lost all the confidence to win the prize. It was time for the final round. The judges asked a few questions to each contestant. Most of the contestants failed miserably in answering the questions. But in this round, Funny Bunny scored excellent in answering the questions. She won the contest. What was her secret? It was the advice of her mother helped her answering the questions smartly.

Back home with the first price in hand, she gave the prize to her mother and thanked her for the support. They both enjoyed the tasty carrots and were happy.

Always hear what your mother has to say.

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