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The Smart Tortoise Who Fooled The Hunter Lion

Where are you going dear?

What is this, a walking rock? The Lion was surprised. On a closer look at the moving rock, he found that it was a big tortoise slowly walking. The hungry Lion got excited.

The Tortoise was going back home after a day’s hard work.  He was very tired and want to reach home fast before night. Little he did know that he was being followed by a a lion. The lion saw the tortoise moving slowly wanted to kill the poor animal and eat it. So with small steps, he was following the tortoise.

Tortoise sensed some danger. He became alert, couldn’t look back but aware of the danger. If he looks back, the lion will definitely attack. He paused and said to himself. I have to play smart to save myself from the Lion.  Tortoise had to act fast or else he will become the Lion’s lunch. He just paused and did that same trick generation after generation tortoises were doing when they sense danger. He got himself wrapped inside his strong shell.  Lion got fooled. He roared out of frustration. His roaring could be heard miles away. He miserably tried to bring the tortoise out of the shell by rolling it but the Lion failed in bringing the tortoise out of the shell. After sometime he left the scene and Tortoise went home happy.

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