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The Cat Lady Entrepreneur

Pricy Catch Today!

This cat lady has her own flourishing business. She is the owner of the rat world shop, where you’ll find rats of all sorts. Cats around the world love these specially grown rats.

This cat is a hard-working entrepreneur. She waits until it’s midnight, the time most of the rats are actively searching for food and other stuff to keep their teeth sharp.

Dirty Business

The cat has a unique technique to catch rats. The canal under the bridge is where she gets the rats. It’s a dirty business. Because that canal has all sorts of waste flowing from the city. According to the cat lady, it’s not easy to catch a rat. It requires a lot of patience and effort to catch the best rat, because those rats are very smart, runs in lightining speed. The brave cat waits there until it’s midnight. Once a good rat is spotted, the cat silently approaches it and grabs it by its tail. Has her own style of rat trapping.

Her shop in the city is filled with rats of various sizes, big and small. All over the city, you can spot hoardings advertising her rat business.

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