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Duck And The Arrogant Elephant

Please, son, please hear what I have to say!

No Need For An Advice

“My dear son, you are on the wrong path. You will be in trouble if you are not taking another route,” the duck said to the young elephant. The young elephant was very arrogant.

“I know how to take care of myself. Who are you to advise me? After all, I am an elephant, and you are just a duck, no need for your advice,” the elephant said and walked away. Soon, the duck heard a big sound. The duck ran to where the sound came from. It saw the elephant crying from a pit he fell.

A Frantic Request For Help!

“Please help me,” he begged the duck.

“How can a small duck like me help you? I tried to help you earlier,  and you ignored me!” said the duck.

Rescue Mission

Now the elephant was crying. The duck went to the rest of the elephant herd and told them about the young elephant fallen into the pit. The elephant herd came to rescue the young elephant. The rescue mission was difficult, but it was successful in the end. Finally, the elephant came out of the pit.

The elephant thanked the duck for the help he rendered. The elephant said sorry about its arrogant behavior. The duck was happy.

“No problem, my dear son. Confidence is good, but overconfidence is dangerous,” the duck said to the elephant. The elephant agreed.

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