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Horse And Tortoise Race

horse and the tortoise on the seashore
This strait is no problem for me!

The horse loved being on the seaside and spent a lot of time there running on the sand. He loved that activity. One day, while on the seashore, the horse met a tortoise.

“Hey, run with me,” the horse challenged the tortoise, knowing that it was the slowest animal.

“Sure, I am accepting your challenge,” said the tortoise. It was a big surprise for the horse. “Do you think you can beat a race horse?” asked the horse. “Yes, I am ready for this race,” said the tortoise.

They fixed a time the next day for the race. A monkey was assigned as the referee. The horse had no doubt he would win the race.

The next day, the horse went to the seashore confidently. The tortoise was also there. The monkey whistled, and the race officially started. The horse ran fast. But the tortoise was slow, but he was also confident.

Facing a bottleneck

Soon, the running horse reached a strait in its path. The horse had no idea how to cross the sea along the strait. Because it was surrounded by the sea. It waited there, thinking about how to reach the other side of the sea through the strait.

Only if the horse makes it to the other side of the strait will the horse be declared the winner. He never expected this kind of challenge. The referee monkey was also there.

“You can’t cross this strait, dear. It’s so deep, and you will drown to death,” warned the monkey.

“Let’s see what the tortoise will do?” said the monkey. The horse agreed to that suggestion and waited for the tortoise. After a few hours, the monkey and the horse saw the tortoise. It was slowly walking towards them. The tortoise saw the strait, but it didn’t make any difference to the tortoise.

“Hey, Mr. Tortoise, do you think you can cross this strait? You will be drowned to death,” warned the referee monkey.

“No problem, I will swim this strait to reach the other side of the sea,” said the tortoise. The tortoise slowly made it into the sea, crossed the strait, and appeared on the other end of the sea.

“Well done, Mr. Tortoise, you won the race, congratulations!” the monkey declared the tortoise as the winner. The horse had to accept that he failed in the race and never challenged anybody to race with him.

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