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Curious Baby Elephant And The Steam Locomotive

baby elephant and the steam locomotive
Hey, Why Are You Stopping Me? I Am In A Hurry!

Please Let Me Know More About You!

The baby elephant was standing on the rail, on which a fast-moving train was approaching. It came to a sudden halt to save the baby.

“Phew, that was a close shave! Hey, baby, why are you standing on my rail? If I hit you, you’ll be hurt,” said the steam engine to the elephant, who stood on its rail.

“I am so fascinated by your chug, chug sound. I would like to know more about you. Where are you going? Why do you run on this rail? Why can’t you just run on the ground?” asked the curious baby elephant?

“Oh baby, you are asking too many questions. I don’t have time to answer all these questions. What I can give you is a summary of the things I do,” Is that ok? asked the steam engine.

“Ok, that will do,” said the baby elephant.

“I am a steam engine running on this rail to different parts of the country. I rely on my rails to reach my destination. Wherever my rails take me, I go! I run day and night without any rest, because I have passengers and goods for various destinations. Sometimes, I have even carried elephants like you on my wagons,” said the steam engine.

“Wow, I admire your hard work. Thanks for letting me know more about you. We’ll meet again,” said the baby elephant.

“Sure, we’ll meet again. Now let me go,” said the train engine and whistled loudly and chugged away.

The elephant looked at the train vanishing on the horizon and returned home to tell its mother about his encounter with the steam engine.