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The Tiger Who Can't Hunt!

Um, He Is Fat, I Think I Can Call It A Deal!

A few days back, the tiger fell from a tree while sleeping on a branch. The tiger had a horrible dream while sleeping on the top of the tree.

In the dream, the tiger was fighting with a lion. The tiger delivered a powerful blow to the lion’s face, and that’s it! When the tiger opened his eyes, he saw himself flat on the ground. The worst thing is that the tiger can’t hunt for its day-to-day food because of the paining legs.

The tiger saw a cute bunny just in front of him. But what to do! He can’t move. The tiger’s legs are hurting him. He groaned in pain. The bunny heard the tiger’s groaning and disappeared into the bush.

“Ah, my foot, I again lost a hunt,” the tiger exclaimed. He waited for another animal to come near to him.

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