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My Eggs Are Under Safe Wings

Don't worry, our eggs are under the safe wings

Two ducks were swimming in the river.

“Hey, where are your eggs?” the male duck asked the female duck.

“I gave my eggs to my friend Mrs. Hen to get them hatched. You know she loves children. She said she will look after my eggs until our babies come out of the eggs,” the female duck said.

“Um, It’s good that you’ve got such a good friend, “Quack, quack, let’s go and find some food,” said the male duck.

After a few days, Mrs. Hen hatched the duck eggs. There were four ducklings came out of the eggs.

The two ducks went to Mrs. Hen to receive their babies. They saw the ducklings playing with chicks. When Mrs. Hen saw the ducks, she warmly greeted them. She was expecting them to take the ducklings.

“Here are your babies. They are cute and smart. Now you can take them,” said Mrs. Hen.

“Thank you very much for hatching my babies. As a token of appreciation, please accept our gift. We brought you some tasty worms to eat. They are handpicked by us. Enjoy!” said the ducks.

Ducklings went with the ducks to live the life of a duck. Mrs. Hen and her chicks enjoyed the delicious worms the ducks brought.

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