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Friendly Visit By A Turtle

Hey, Waves, Please Take Me To The Place Where I Belong!

A turtle was on a friendly visit to the seashore. It walked around the seashore, enjoying the surroundings.

But his enjoyment was going to be over soon. Some people spotted him, walking around. They grew curious about the turtle and screamed in excitement. But the turtle was annoyed by the noise people were making. He didn’t understand why people were so excited about seeing a turtle.

“Is there something wrong with me?” he asked himself.

More and more people were coming to see the turtle. They are seeing such a big turtle for the first time. They were busy taking photos of the turtle.

“Oh God, I am fed up with these people. They don’t know any manners. At least they should respect my privacy. Look at them, making a big mess as if they see a turtle for the first time.

It’s so annoying. It’s so much better under the sea. I will better stay there,” the turtle thought.

The turtle slowly walked towards the sea. Waited there for the next big wave to take him to the place where he actually belonged.

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